1.1 – Breaking A Habit

Yes, I’m starting this journey off with a rant. Some things just can’t wait. Maybe that’s why this little project was started. Who knows. It’s too early to say whether it’s worth caring about. But let me not get ahead of myself. Now, about that rant…

Once upon a time, there was a bad mother. You don’t know me but take my word for it, she was not very good at the job. After losing contact with three out of four of her daughters, she decided to go off the deep end and really finalize the diagnosis of insanity by claiming one new illness for the past five years.

Stick with me.

  • Year one was a heart attack.
  • Year two was an enlarged heart.
  • Year three was a stroke.
  • Year four was lung cancer.
  • Year five is Multiple Sclerosis.

Next year, it will be West Nile, Swine Flu and an attack from the African Killer Bees that, apparently, are still migrating.

Can you say delusional?

I knew you could. A smart audience! Love it!

Earlier, I said the crazy lady lost three out of four of her daughters. Good math skills would lead you to believe one daughter stuck around and dealt with the nut job. You would be correct. I knew you were smart.

The nut job, again I promise the name fits, decides to return to the bottle. So, now the nut job is a drunk nut job which is bad any way you look at it. Lush nut is now calling daughter number four continuously. Poor thing sticks it out because…well, I can’t really explain why. She does though. Until today.

I am proud to say that daughter number four has FINALLY said enough is enough. This decision was long overdue. And some day, if I feel like it, I’ll explain more. But until then…yep you got…trust me.

Now it’s time for my favorite part.


FTN! to a woman who is so self-absorbed she can’t figure out that she has lost all of her children, multiple men who loved and adored her, friends, siblings, even her own mother because she couldn’t care about anyone except her own reflection.

FTN! to a woman who is so sad she has to pick a new disease/disorder/ailment every time she thinks no one is looking in her direction.

FTN! to the fact that good people die and the crappy ones just won’t stop breathing.

FTN! to every waking moment that woman has tormented those four girls and their extended families.

FTN! to that woman’s immune system. I mean, come on!!! She obviously wants to go. Give her something funky that makes her itch terribly and let her just fade out already.

FTN! to whatever created her to begin with.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled program, currently in progress…


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