1.7 – Mother and Son

From sperm to egg
The light turns green
Measurements and beats
Weight and length
Nine months of hard labor
Lungs and bones
Brain matter
Crimson Fuel.

Altered in the segue
At the hands of incompetence
Trapped in the tunnel
Rush hour with no alternate route
Suffocating in the rope
Meant for connection
A dropped call from existence
Hope of normality.

The light turns yellow as they wait
For the scream
A whimper
A glimmer of life
Switch to red
Slam on the brakes
He’s not responding
And neither is she
Souls not travelling far
Hovering over the bulbs
Illuminating the face
Of the dead vessel
Two corpses
In a crowded sea of yellow and blue

Electric volts
Beckoning her to release him
From cradled arms
Under restoration
She made a deal with God
‘Only if he can’
A unified gasp
Returned to us
As the light turns green.

They wouldn’t know
Until traffic continued
But his pace lacked the horsepower
Designated to his age group
And while the world moved forward
He sat still
Mesmerized by a colored ball or a smiling face
And she watched
With tears in her eyes
Because she couldn’t rebuild his engine
His motherboard.

Floor it
Through the years
And you will watch the struggle
Of tremors and drugs and tears and pain
And broken limbs
Purposefully laying useless
To be wrapped and set straight
To no avail
Watch as the years pass her by
And the softness of her face turns to stone
Because feeling that much
Would kill any man.

He whistles and laughs
Playing years later as the sand
Drips through the hourglass
She holds on to every grain
And gives him the pieces of her soul
She can spare


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