1.9 – Bye Lydia

My run as Lydia in the production of Spike Heels is over. It was a great experience and I’m happy I was included. Being on stage reminded me of a lot of things but most importantly, it gave me floods of inspiration. I’m itching to start on a one act play now though I know I need to stay focused since NanoWrimo starts in just a couple of weeks.

Sometimes, being backstage, I felt like a bystander. This is not a negative in any way. I felt like…someone observing actors, the art itself, how the theater changes a person. It’s amazing how some walls and furniture can mean nothing until you put a few actors in front of it. Even then, it all still means nothing. Script in hand, they are just words. But it’s what each of the actors brings to those words that makes the entire experience worthwhile. Let us not forget the audience. The audience is a quintessential piece to the puzzle. It’s really one big jigsaw. A beautiful picture to be admired for just a short while. And then, piece by piece, bit by bit…it is taken apart and left to memory.

My acting days are few but the next role is already starting. The life we live – the parts we play – the show always goes on. Until my last curtain call, I’ll strive to give my all to every single one of my roles.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program.


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