1.13 – Magic

So, today started off on the note of “oh dear god, no, why me, who did I piss off to end up with such a crappy day ahead?” Seriously, all in one thought. Even my mind flows in run-on sentences. But that quickly changed when I noticed a fabulous new treasure: John Connolly has a new book. It’s called The Infernals and it’s the sequel to his amazingly well written book – The Gates. If you haven’t read anything by this man…well, what the heck are you waiting for? All I can say is…PURE MAGIC!


Okay, so I geeked out for a good hour over this. And I’m completely not ashamed about it. I tend to avoid the trends, whether it be books or movies. I hate when people get emotional over some teeny-bopper book release. And yet, here I am, getting restless just writing this post because what I really want to be doing is cracking open the first pages of Connolly’s book.

As a reader, I admire Connelly’s voice. His ability to implant nostalgia in me so effortlessly. I am not reading about some young character, I am that character (even though it’s a boy). I can sense the innocence and excitement, the fear and the curiosity ingrained in the child mind.

Years ago, heck, even a few months ago, I would have said – “you will never have that effect on people. His talent his unmatched by the likes of you so, forget about it.” I don’t know what exactly has changed. Trust me, I’m in no way implying I am going to be the next big thing. Nonetheless, I’m learning to accept that I have a voice. I may not have fine tuned it just yet. Maybe I need more education so I’m well-read and grammatically correct and I can use words I have yet to learn how to spell. And maybe my voice is just where it is supposed to be. Maybe I’m not supposed to try to fit into some formula or standard. Maybe I’m meant to make my own.

I don’t claim to know what I’m doing. Hell, I’m a blind woman feeling my way through the darkness. But, and I truly believe this – the only way to get out of the dark is so open your eyes. The latter is probably the scarier of the two. With open eyes, I can see that no one is looking which is heartbreaking or I can see that people are staring back at me with one unified WTF face. Either way, the risk is great. And yet, here I am. Because we all have to start somewhere.

Successful authors are admirable. Successful authors who introduced a new voice to the world are inspiration. Thanks Mr. Connnolly


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