1.16 – Soundtrack

Among just a few other things, I pride myself in being an eclectic. This can apply to food, books, people. In this case, it applies to music. I owe much of my musical taste to the wide range of people I have met in my lifetime, thus far. It’s funny, how I can hear a song or just the opening melody and be swept away to a very distinct place. Music is like my personal time machine.

As a child, growing up in the Bronx, I heard house music, reggae, r&b, hip hop and rap. Nothing like a Saturday night, sitting on the stoop, while someone blared the latest underground sensation from speakers that rested on a windowsill. Whenever I hear Heads High by Mr. Vegas, I think of dancing in front of my apartment building with my childhood friend, Christina. Freak on a Leash by Korn reminds me of jumping around the apartment with my niece, Chastity. Marilyn Manson, hysterically enough, reminds me of my long time friend Gabriel. Puffy or whatever he is this year, reminds me of Michael Palmer. Wherever he is.

The years have passed and yet, certain songs stay with me. Diamond Girl, anything by She Wants Revenge, Do You Love Me by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Lady by Modjo, anything by Ozzy. All of these songs take me back to a specific moment in life. A moment when I was in love, when I was sad, when I was lost, when I felt complete, when life changed, when life seemed to be the same.

My life has evolved as has my taste in music. But, perhaps, my life has changed BECAUSE of music. A Jagged Little Pill gave me courage, Elliot Smith showed me how beautiful a Jealous Guy could be, Shakespeare’s Sister showed me loneliness, Everlast told me what kind of guy I wanted, Jimi Hendrix sent me to a Red House that would change my life forever, Incubus got me through a detached phase, Bill Withers comforted me at the most unlikely times, Open Heart Surgery showed me love, Devil Doll got me through a death, and Linkin Park allowed me to scream.

Music has always been my confidant, my reliable friend in the darkest hours and my cheerleader in the brightest dawn. My life is played to a soundtrack that grows with each day. And with every new song, every new encounter, I am better off. Filled with memories, melodies and so much more…I’ll never be able to truly hit rewind or replay on the moments but the music takes me to those memories as if they have yet to begin.

My Muse: Music – through my heart, body and soul.


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