1.18 – What’s Yours Is Now Mine

You Really Should’ve Picked Another House

Pray for the wicked.

In and out.

Smooth like butter.

Staring into vacant windows

Redecorating your face

To strip skin from flesh

Resistant bones splinter

All the time in the world

Is now the end of days

I will take away

Your sight and sound

Digging deeper

Slowly making my way

To the belly of the beast

The broken, shattered, whimpering beast

A fleeting soul

Summoned back

To drown in pools of bodily excretions

Intricately laid limbs

Twitching in lost hope

Prey for the wicked.

In and out.

Smooth like butter.

Special thanks to Bob Womack of Kansas City for the use of his innovative photography collection. Titled “Shoulda Picked Another House,” this collection (as with all of his work) is unaltered material straight from the mind of a man who truly thinks outside of the box.
Find more of his work at http://www.flickr.com/photos/womackphoto
Follow him on facebook at http://facebook.com/womackphoto


2 comments on “1.18 – What’s Yours Is Now Mine

    • I really appreciate that. I will admit, I was nervous to write something based on a set of photos. I wasn’t sure if I could live up to the feeling he captured in the shadows, the darkness. But I felt like it was a challenge and…well, that’s really the whole point of this for me. I’m glad someone got the creepy factor. Thanks for the comment.

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