1.21 – Preparing For NanoWrimo

Nanowrimo is just a week away and I’m cradling two babies in my hand. As much as I want to focus on both, simultaneously, I know I can’t. So Elementras will have to sit alone for a month while I work on Dream Catcher. I still can’t explain Elementras, which probably means I’m holding onto that baby a little too tightly. 80 pages in and I’m not sure if Im forcing it to go where I want or if it’s leading me. Until I can answer that question, I’m not comfortable touching it.

I’m kind of excited to work on Dream Catcher. It is definitely outside of my norm. I have decided to do a young reader novel for this project. That means I have to watch my mouth; don’t want to corrupt the children.

I’m considering sharing Dream Catcher as it is written. Here’s hoping I can stick to the schedule and create this 50,000 word novel.

I’ll keep you posted.


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