1.25 – Meh

Today is definitely one of those meh days. I worked and that was just tons of fun (insert sarcasm here). I wrote some ideas down in my notebook for today’s post and yet…here I am. I’ve got nothing.

I started an account on LiveJournal.com (Skylah1053). Don’t feel the need to check it out just yet, I didn’t post anything since I have no clue how to use the site. I’m sure I’ll figure out how to find some communities and authors to read. I’m just meh at the moment.

I checked out a book from work, some Young Reader book called Floors. I’ve decided to try and stick with the genre as I head into NanoWrimo since I’m writing something in that genre. Don’t ask me why but it made sense at the time when I made that decision.

Can I just say that if the oven is beeping and I’m making a cappuccino, I CANNOT walk away to open the oven. You should do it. You should do something. Anything. It’s called work for a reason.

Okay, I’m over it now.

I had a good conversation with a regular today. Very insightful. She’s the one that filled me in on livejournal and archiveofourown.org though I have to admit, I haven’t gotten as far as the second one yet. If you’ve been paying any attention, you’ll recall that I’m meh.

I should have bought the damn red velvet cheesecake.

Looking at all avenues of writing, of finding ways to share my thoughts, my ideas…sometimes I get excited. And other times, I tell myself that this is just a silly blog I’ll do for a little while until it fades out. I hope that’s not the case. And when I’m not so meh, I’ll explain why. But I really feel like laying on the couch now and vegging out to some Lockup: Raw (it’s about prison life, not porn).

Okay…I think I’m done. Kbye.


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