1.28 – 2011 NanoWrimo Concept

I just filled out my plot question for NanoWrimo. It is the question I should have in mind as I write this piece, giving me direction.

Will Alexis, a young girl who has the ability to dream things into life,be destined to live with her fellow dream catchers or can she return to a life with her family and friends despite being pursued by various groups intent on using her gift/curse to their advantage? 

As a Younger Reader novel, I am very excited for this concepts potential. I believe I know the answer to the above question but I also believe that I’m not really in control of the outcome. I feel like my writing, the muse, something will lead me to the final outcome. With just 24 hours left, I’m eager to get started. I hope I do the idea justice and people think it’s worth reading. Either way, I’ll just be proud of myself to complete it.


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