1.30 – DC Day 1

“It did not take long for the Matthews family of 1121 Alcott Road, house number 4, to realize their fourth child, Alexis Nicole, was different. A pint-sized resemblance of her mother, little Alexis shared in all of the typical Matthews physical traits: straight black hair, wide dark eyes, a button nose and a thin mouth. With a tiny frame, the youngest member of the family looked like a delicate flower but really more like the stem, if you ask me though I doubt you will since we have only just met.

Alexis was born on a day quite close to yours although, if my calculations are correct, you are just a few days older. The moon rested in the sky in a most peculiar way, although I am not sure exactly why because I stayed inside on that evening but trust me on this – it was most peculiar. “

Chapter 1 – Something Peculiar

3352 words in and feeling good thus far.


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