1.35 – For The Sake Of It

It’s day six of NaNoWrimo and I’m knee deep in the process. Today, I had a conversation with someone about my book-in-progress. A comment was made by another person who was listening (he happens to be a writer so I assumed this was going to happen). “Art for the sake of art,” followed by that smug “I think that’s stupid face,” he always does.

You might be thinking, maybe you’re reading into it. No, I’m not. Someone, who in the same breath can criticize thousands of NaNoWriMo participants for not being published or successful, has no appreciation for the process this challenge encourages.

I will admit, it threw me off balance for a minute…second guessing myself on why I’m doing this. But, I have to remember, I’m not like this guy. I can’t write on something because someone tells me to. I can’t write with paycheck in mind. And I’m poor. I probably should be. But I can’t. It’s not who I am. It’s not my writers makeup.

I write for the sake of letting my soul breath. I write for the gratification I get from releasing my thoughts. I write for the sake of writing and because, like so many others taking the challenge, because I have to. Do I want to make money and be respected for it…DUH! But I’m doing this my way. And maybe that’s not the right way. I’m okay with that.

For now, I’m going to focus on Alexis and The Dream Cather, The Dreamscape and The Belmont. The muse asked me to dance and I would be a fool to decline. This may not be my masterpiece. But it is one step closer.


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