1.38 – Yet Another Stupid Guy

Just when I’m not sure what to write about, someone gives me ammunition.

I get my son dressed and head to the local gas station for some juice and evening snacks. It’s a cold night, drizzling rain and perfect for a movie. So, we make the 2 minute drive to the store. I get out of the car and walk to the other side to get my son out of his car seat. This random guy, decked out in all his street thug glory, hollers at me “what up, ma.” Which I ignore.

So this fabulous stranger decides it would be a good idea to walk up on me while I’m taking my son out of the car. He says “can I holler at you for a minute.” I say “no, I’m with my son and don’t have time for you.” He replies “I just wanted to say whats up.” I say “you know, its really a stupid move to walk up on a woman when she is with her child.

“Aw girl, aint nobody trying to steal no black babies around here.”

Yes, he said that. So I start walking into the store with my child. He follows. “Would it make you feel better if I walk in with you?” I say “no, actually it wouldn’t”

He follows anyway. “Well, it’s my birthday” Happy birthday to you. I’m not a total bitch. He says thanks and continues to ask if he could holler at me some time. “Listen, Im with my child and we just want to buy some milk and juice in peace without some random guy thinking I came to the store for a hookup.” He says “well, he’s young, he don’t know what we are talking about.”

“But I do. And I don’t want to talk to you.”

He says alright and wishes me a good night and leaves the store.


DO NOT ever walk up on a woman when she is removing her child from a car. Forget calling the police, I will smack the shit out of you with the crowbar that is within arms reach. (Thank you by the way to the two older men who rolled down their windows when the guy walked up on me, I noticed he did move back after that. Small move but appreciated nonetheless).

My son is not black. Is there a problem with black babies? Not that I am aware of. That being said, I don’t assume your weed smelling ass wants to steal my child. I am assuming you think you can get somewhere with his mother. And the black babies comment is just asinine. Don’t worry, my kids are safe because no one wants to steal them, aw damn. Like you want black children to get swooped up. Dumbass.

Following a woman into a store makes you creepy. Period.

What is it with guys saying it’s there birthday. Like that gets you a freebie from the next random stranger you meet. Is that grounds for a pity conversation or more? I was not aware of this memo. Glad I missed it.

Here’s the thing. You went to a gas station and tried picking some girl up. Do you think I left the house with my child and thought, for a second, “this is it. This will be the time when I stroll up to get some milk and find my one true love hanging out at a gas station at 9pm on a Tuesday night smelling like weed. Yup! He’s a winner, can’t wait to meet him.”

Lastly…STOP DRESSING LIKE THAT! The rappers don’t even look that dirty. It’s not cute, it’s not impressive, it’s not even “ghetto.” You look homeless. Your clothes don’t fit for Christs sake. And the jewelry? What is the point of wearing something so big around your neck? It didn’t work for Flava Flav…give it up!

Every time a guy acts stupid or comes at me wrong, I just add his actions to my list. These are all the things I will teach my son not to do. And for the grown ass men – remember that you have a mother, sisters, aunts, nieces and maybe daughters: be the man to others that you want others to be to them.


2 comments on “1.38 – Yet Another Stupid Guy

  1. Great post!

    “I will smack the shit out of you with the crowbar that is within arms reach”, made me laugh out loud.

    With the nonsense like this that women are confronted with on a daily basis, it’s a wonder that you still talk to any of us.

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