1.39 – Parental-State of Mind

I don’t even know where to begin today.

You know what never made sense to me? Children fighting adult battles. That’s a pretty broad arena to be confused by. But it’s one that puzzles me beyond belief.

Two adults have a moment, nothing good comes from it. In turn, their children and whoever else is available at the time gets involved. It becomes a lovely Facebook drama, broadcast for anyone and everyone to laugh at.

But I’m not laughing. I’m disappointed.

You’ve got teenagers threatening each other and calling for physical harm because adults got so caught up in their mess and pulled these innocent bystanders into the mix. I could be mad and spend this time talking about how ignorant these kids sound, misspelling every other word and talking out of their asses. Let’s be real: if you were gonna do something, you wouldn’t be talking about it on some social media site – you’d be out there making things happen.

It’s a clash of egos. Who’s wealthier, who’s making moves, who has a kid, what guy so-and-so was sweating for the longest time and so on. And all I can think is: WHO CARES?

WHERE ARE THE PARENTS WHO STARTED THIS DRAMA? Why are you such a coward that you can’t deal with your issues on your own without bringing some teenagers into the mix to fight your battles? Because I’m sure the parents are quiet. It’s just another day of dramatic nonsense to them. But these kids are stuck on stupid, soldiers in a war they have no reason to be apart of.

It’s bad parenting all the way around. I don’t care if your kid is grown. My son could be 30. He doesn’t need to be on some site talking trash to some other 30 year old to defend his mothers honor. Honor is what gets these kids stabbed in the streets. Honor is what makes these kids go out and shoot each other – to save face and restore honor to someone who didn’t have the maturity to deal with their problems on their own.

Seriously, grow up. There are bigger issues than the trivial street life mentality these people allow themselves to be sucked into. Of course, I might get criticism because “what the hell would you know about street life, you live in Kansas.”

No, I don’t live “that life,” everyday. I was born into it and made the wise decision to walk. To never let where I was born or who I was born to determine my destiny. I made a life somewhere else. And though my life now may not be all stars and glitter, it is a life without street battles and being a soldier to a government that does not really care.

If the parents actually cared about their kids, they would put a stop to the garbage instead of relishing in the monsters they are creating – all for the sake of looking important.

At the end of the day, none of these people are relevant in the world right now. And they sure as shit won’t be relevant when they are on the news for being shot down or arrested for their stupidity driven actions.

These kids don’t even know what they are fighting for. And their parents don’t seem to care. Way to drop the ball. I’ll be changing the channel when the inevitable happens. Because you can’t save those who don’t want to be saved.


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