1.54 – To Blog Or Not To Blog…

During a brief discussion today, I asked the question if I should continue with this blog thing or just drop it and focus on my books. They advised me to drop the blog. Their reasoning behind that answer: because there are too many blogs.

At this point in time…I’m thinking I should drop it. There are so many blogs, how the hell does someone stand out? Create a following? Test the waters to see if a writing style or voice is valid enough to pursue this in hardcover form…Right now, I don’t know. I started this thing for feedback and I almost feel like apologizing to people who have me friended on FB because I think they are the only ones who are looking at this thing, simply because I put wall posts every day with my new entries. So, here’s my question.

If you write a blog, why do you do it? What do you cover? What makes your blog stand out? Feel free to actually leave a link to your blog in your comment.

I’m trying to figure out if this has a point…I thought it did but now I’m not so sure.

Searching for the muse.


4 comments on “1.54 – To Blog Or Not To Blog…

  1. I started my blog in 2007 to learn how to write. As far as I know I am the world’s only physician bluegrass fiction writer. My book, “The Mandolin Case” is a medical mystery resolved by musicians. I’ve had fun with the blog and made a bunch of friends. I don’t post as often as I used to, but it allows me to stay in touch with my readers.

    Dr. Tom Bibey

  2. I write the blog for fun or to record topics that may be too mouthful for casual tea sessions.

    I do the blog for something I love. For me, it’s just about gambling.

    Making the blog stand out? Tough question. I think keeping the blog simple and focused on direction could be helpful. Next would be to comment in other’s blog leaving your bloglink in the right field so you and your style might be exposed to others visiting that blog.

    You don’t have to write on a blog everyday. I just pen or draft down topics that come to mind every now and then. Maybe you can work on a topic every week or month. For me, it’s the betting of numbers and sharing with others what numbers I’m buying. Not sure where it will lead to but at least there’s some form of regular updates people can expect to find in my blog 🙂

    In short, make the blog simple, focused on a theme, and do one thing that you have to update others often. Could be a contest reply to other blogs (like a post a day) etc…for me it’s the lottery numbers I buy…for your case, it could be related to a certain style of writing. Add some pictures of your scribbling or different font style.

    • I guess writing about writing tends to be harder for me, may blank moments and explaining than actually doing. A blog about the lottery, sounds interesting. Adding pictures is probably a good idea, thanks for the insight.

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