1.55 – I Didn’t Order That

Last night, I went to a local chain restaurant with my son and his father. I ordered salad, chicken and mushrooms and a Sprite with lemon. What I got instead was 24 hours of fever, cold sweats, debilitating cramps, liquid ass, projectile vomiting and dizzy spells. I haven’t peed all day and my body feels like I’ve been run over. My son and his father don’t have any of the symptoms I have, thank the heavens.

I checked out treatments online, to see if I should go to the hospital. Here’s the deal. I’m a single mother. Even with insurance, I have to pay more than I can spare so going to the doctor is usually a last resort for me. Is this smart? Maybe not but hell if I can afford to go see another doctor so they can run tests on me just to give me some pills and then tell me I owe several hundred dollars.

I’m drinking liquids, hoping I don’t get dehydrated. I tried finding the information for the local health department so I can report my symptoms, to no avail. Only 4-6% of all food poisoning cases are reported, which sucks. But damn if there isnt a clear number to call.

I’m seriously scared to eat. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. I ordered dinner and I got sickness instead. So yeah, I just shared some details that most would be happier to not read about. You want to read about it as much as I want to experience it. Here is hoping the icky feeling goes away and I can get back to some sense of eating/sleeping/living normalcy. I can guarantee you this though – I will not be eating out anywhere anytime soon.


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