1.57 – The War On Our Soil

Whats goin on…

I just viewed this video on a friends Facebook page. I couldn’t stop crying. Haven’t we all been in that place…that place of loneliness, of tears, of pain, or sorrow. Of worry. Wondering if life is going to get better…if everything will make sense one day. Wondering why we don’t fit. Why we aren’t in the accepted crowd. Wondering why we aren’t one of those “lucky people.” I hope this young man fights on. I hope he laughs often and loves much. I hope he knows he has touched people he will never meet in person. I hope he knows that there is a life meant for him. One that only he can live.

I look at this young man and my heart shatters. What will I do to make the world better? What will I do to stop the madness that is bullying? For my son. How will I fight hatred? Prejudice? The demoralization of people because of their looks, their gender, their creed, their sexuality? How will I make a difference?

I will fight for my boy. I will fight for this young man. I will fight for anyone like them. So that they may have a voice. So they know they are never alone. I will be your soldier in battle. This is a war to save our children. This is a war worth fighting. This is a war we have to win. This is a war that is happening in our country, in our cities, our streets, our schools, our homes. Be a solider. Stand for something. Fall for nothing.


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