1.61 – Rethinking My Work

I’m typing up the 80 pages of Elementras that I had written in a notebook. With each sentence, I realize just how much editing I will need to do. I don’t think I want the main character to be human. Toying with the idea of this being a full fantasy book…fantasy chicklit…is that a genre? I think I want her to be a Neko (human with cat features/attributes). That’s going to change pretty much everything I’ve written thus far. I should be discouraged that I spent so much time (August and September) writing what I’ve got thus far, only to change it. But I’m not. I’m finding out that my voice is much stronger, more secure in venturing into a different route.

A huge part of these changes is my active reading. I find that the more I read, the more I figure out what style I find to be the most exciting. I am currently reading The City of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers. This man just created a place and didnt try to relate it to the world we know. Rather than trying to connect the reader to the place I want to create, relating earth to a fantasy plain, I need to create my world. If I do my job correctly, the reader will enjoy the world I’ve created and in no way need to find relation between earth and this fictitious arena. Or at least thats what I’m hoping for. Back to work.


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