1.62 – Randoms

“I gave ammunition to cause the condition and courage to see it through.

I covered her eyes, cuz I was so wise and told her what to do.

I painted a picture, she listened, go figure

To every word I said.

She searched for something, I gave her the one thing

That put two shots in her head.”

“The acrid taste of defeat, in a morbid sinister world, struck by a losing streak, crippled by ignorance, souls embedded with self-hatred, jaundiced by the trauma, dreaming of utopia.”

“Life is all about the mishaps

Wherever you are there drama galore

When you think it’s passed

Its onstage again, doing an encore.”

“I fly on the wings of freedom and write on pages of truth. I tell you not of who I am but who I want to be. Who I wish I could show. It’s all a contradiction, random words flowing out of a my mouth. Babbling on of my thoughts. Unimportant to the ears of many and yet they spew from my mind like some putrid vile substance while I clean the powder from my noise. I’m a something junkie, always wanting something, never knowing what that something is. But when I get it…I’ll grow bored.”


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