1.73 – E For Everyone

The First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Last night, I posted a status update on my Facebook:

Its funny how someone can be offended if I write an honest letter to “god” but I cant be offended over a million “praise Jesus” updates. You know what…I’m offended by your Jesus. How about that.

Today I was told by putting that status update I am “unjustly stirring the stink pot.” Before I go any further, I would just like to say, I think thats a huge crock of shit. Crap. Horse Dookie. Mierda!

Do I hate religious people? No. Do I agree that people have a right to believe in what they want? Yes. Do I also agree that I have the right to not believe? Yes. Do religious people have a right to spread their message? Yes. Do I have the right to say, “I think it’s all a story?” Yes.

I aim to offend religious people as much as they aim to offend me. I’m not quite clear how preaching about the teachings of your god, damning people who don’t believe to hell, and deciding who can live a happy life based on faith or the lack thereof is okay but me calling bullshit is offensive. People can “correct” me on my “misguided” ways but I have to stay quiet? Hah. You don’t know me very well.

I’m not saying I know all of the answers. I’m not claiming to know why we are here or which religion is right and which is wrong. I’m simply saying I don’t believe. I also state why I don’t believe. Or at least a portion. I don’t need people to agree with me. I don’t need people to follow me. I’m not a religion. I’m quite alright if everyone thinks I’m wrong. That’s not going to make me change my mind.

I’m sure there are good and bad displays of religion. Just as there are good and bad displays of people who don’t follow a religion. I’ve witnessed people gathering in the name of their God and it was a wonderful sight. I’ve also witnessed people casting judgement, praising the murder of an abortion doctor, excitedly describing how the gays will be punished or how they need to  be changed. I’ve been told…as a pregnant woman…that my son and I will burn in hell. There is nothing that will make me follow a belief system that could damn my unborn son to a place of eternal pain and suffering JUST BECAUSE he is my son.

The problem with organized religion is that it isn’t organized. Everyone tweeks things to their own benefit. One church adamantly believes in a wife’s submission to her husband whereas another believes submission does not carry a literal sense. I’ve heard mothers proudly declare that they would forsake their child if he/she were a homosexual. A MOTHER WOULD BANISH HER CHILD IF HE/SHE WERE GAY. God loves but he is a vengeful jealous god. That seriously sounds like an abusive boyfriend. A murderer can ask god for forgiveness and go to heaven. I can steal a cookie and if I dont ask for forgiveness, I’m going to hell. I’m going to hell for stealing that cookie in kindergarten!!!!!

Religion is so split and yet I’m supposed to know which one is right. How would I know? Catholics dont agree with Christians. Mormons dont agree with Jehovahs Witnesses, Baptists, Lutherans, Protestants…who’s got it right? Each group will say “we do.” But no one really knows. These groups judge each other and each think they are one step closer to their god over the rest. I’m not about to get into that family feud.

I will stand back and let everyone assume they know best. And if there is a god, maybe he/she will see that I never tried to assume. I never claimed to be in the know. I simply lived this life to the best of my ability. Because that’s all I can do.

If you are strong in your faith, my words should just equate to that of an uneducated babbling idiot. If my words offend you, I suggest you reconsider your connection to me. This is me, in all of my unholy glory.


3 comments on “1.73 – E For Everyone

  1. For me things are a lot easier when I remember people are by nature hippocrates. Man is a political animal he/she is always after what suits their needs. Religion is just like anything else man made its flawed and faulty. I am not saying Jesus Buddha Mohammad and the like were fake. I am saying that the religious institution we created based on these personages is screwy.

    Religion on a large scale cannot be organized as you has mentioned. Everyone sees and experiences things so differently. 1000 Christians is a 1000 different ways of experiencing the religion of Christ. There is no right or wrong. There is just the person commitment to live a good life all we can do.

    I’m all for live and let live and freedom of expression. I feel someone religion should be private just like who they are boning on the side. It’s non of my business and when they chose to voice what ever they believe or whatever, so be it.

    • That you for commenting. This whole topic, originating from my letter to “god” and responses to that post seems to draw a lot more out of people. People will always be passionate about this arena, whether it is for belief or against it. A high majority of religion is the concept of us versus them. As much as religious views would be so much nicer if it fell under personal status such as who you sleep with, our society thinks who you screw is their business as well. Sadly.

  2. The oddballs are generally a small % of any religion, but because they are also generally the most vocal, they are what many people think that religion ia about. Because Christianity is so big and diverse, it doesn’t do a good job policing itself (Catholics are Christians, btw). Thanks to the oddballs, even Christians from different denominations don’t know what the folks next door actually believe. In reality, most agree on the fundamentals and don’t realize it. It’s the dumb things that usually divide them. Christianity has always allowed diverse views on these secondary issues, but the problem is people turn them into fundamental beliefs. Again, it’s the “church’s” own fault for letting it get out of hand (though they answer to the people so they share the blame, too.).

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