1.74 – There Are Three Types Of People

…the nice people, the meh people, and the assholes. I always considered myself in the meh category (imagine me scrunching my face and shaking my hand from side to side…meh). Sometimes, I can put on the show and be the smiling energetic pixie and other times, a dark cloud follows me over my head.

Recently, I had someone tell me that I scare them. I laugh at that. Me? Scary? Never. But then I consider the person who is telling me this and I check myself. Of course I’m scary; if you don’t do your job and you act up and you talk back when it is unnecessary…I’m going to come off quite scary to you. Now, if you’re a hard worker, vibrant and filled with personality – I’m a peach. A sarcastic peach but a peach nonetheless. Those that work hard aren’t worried about what I’ll say. Because I’m going to soccer-mom them (thats when I clap and say things like “good job, good job…way to go buckaroo…and other cheesy shit).

So, being called scary doesn’t offend me.

I was having a conversation with one individual and another individual who wasn’t invited decided to chime in. I was explaining how I am particular about who watches my son. Because if you mess with my boy, I’ll cut you like a fish. I’m serious.

So the uninvited guest says “yeah, well that doesn’t surprise me.” It wasn’t what was said, it was how it was delivered. Does this set my gears in motion? No. You want to know why. Because this uninvited guest has a lovely way of playing with her hair, touching her face and talking to people in a rude manner. Okay, not people…customers. It’s not outright rude but it’s that whole “you’re not going to get what I offered, I’m going to passively-aggressively make you feel bad about it” kind of rude.

So I call her out. And I call her out often. Is this me being particular? Yah damn right it is. Because you’re going to talk to people the way you would want to be addressed and you’re not going to spread your infectious nostril germs on anyone’s product. Period. The sooner you do what I say – the sooner I dont have to micro-manage you. That is all.

I can deal with people giving me the glares, labeling me, or having moments. I have them too. But you know what freaks me out? What stays in my head for hours after the interaction? Nice people. Nice people confuse me. I mean…I like them. They are just a rare breed. People who just like…do stuff nice for you with no expectation. People who say thank you in a really heartfelt way. People who point out how they might admire me or think I’m a great person. These people linger in my head for hours. Because I cant figure them out.

I feel like an explorer…studying a new species. A species that is probably more common than I’m used to. But a species I know very little about. I work at a bookstore. I should probably find a book on it.

So…for the nice people. Thanks. You confuse me. But I think I like you.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress.


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