1.75 – The Train Is Leaving The Station

As you can tell, I have a lot of pet peeves. Things that just get under my skin. I swear I’m a nice person…somewhere inside all of this mess. Here’s a pet peeve I am continuously subjected to.

The “I Assume I Know What You’re Going To Say/How You’ll React” statement.

Here’s an actual conversation:

-So, I’m going to decorate the tree some time this week.

Me – Thats kind of silly, isn’t it?

– What?

Me – Decorating a tree the week of Christmas when it’s been up with no decorations for three weeks.

– Well, I just thought you’d be pissed if you came over with all those gifts and the tree wasn’t decorated.

Why would I be pissed? I don’t live in your house. I don’t own your tree. I don’t even have a tree up in my house. Just be honest. You’ve been too lazy to decorate your own tree and you think putting in some effort 3 days before the holiday will score you some points. It wont.

How did I suddenly take the blame for you “needing” to put decorations on a tree when I have, in now way, ever mentioned anything about it?

It’s like people asking, “are you mad,” and when you say no…they insist that you are. You know what makes me mad? You assuming you know me better than I do. If you think you know every reaction I’m going to have – why not just talk to yourself on behalf of the both of us?

And FYI – If I use a word, in this case “sweet,” do not question my vocabulary. Because if you do, I’m just going to say, “I felt like saying it.” “Well you never use to say that.”

It frustrates me to even type that line.

Here is the deal. Who I was yesterday is not who I am today and sure as shit won’t be who I am tomorrow. It’s called growing. Growing up, growing out of bad habits, growing toward a brighter future, growing to be light-hearted, growing to be…everything I wasn’t capable of being yesterday. I understand you knew me for many yesterdays. This is who I am now. The train is leaving the station because I’m moving toward bigger and better things. If you cant appreciate that, please shut the f**k up and stand clear of the closing doors. Because I’m not going to stop evolving for the likes of you.

You like that?



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