1.76 – Supply and Demand

The next time someone becomes snippy, snobbish or downright spoiled in my presence – I’m going to officially say “you are having a Leawood moment. These Leawood moments are an epidemic. It’s a plague. A sickness. Well, call me Dr. Skylah. I’m all about fixing some shit.


  • Waiting until the last minute to pick up a holiday gift and then getting mad at ME because the merchandise you want is now sold out.
  • Making a statement like – “you were doing (insert task) while I was off obtaining knowledge at college.”
  • Being purposefully rude and laughing about it. To my face.
  • Taking 12 things into a line when the person behind you just wants to order a coffee.
  • Writing a check for those 12 things while the person behind you just wants to order a coffee.
  • Getting pissy because you printed off 7 of the same coupon and I’ll only redeem one.
  • Doing the heavy sigh when I say give me a moment.
  • Acting like I’m not doing things fast enough/correctly.

I get it. You think you’re special. But here is the deal. Not all of us are the richie rich people of the world. Not all of us waited until this week to do our shopping. Not all of us are blowing our husbands/wives/parents money on gifts. Some of us are busting our asses trying to appease the hundreds of people strolling in and out of the main doors. Although you may look down on me for my career choice…I don’t give two shits. At the end of the day, you need me. You need every waiter, bookseller, McDonalds drive-thru employee. You need everyone who does the work that gets you through your day. Everything you enjoy and take advantage of during your superficial day is given to you by someone else. Someone like me. And that includes assistance. I get paid to assist you. I sure as shit dont get paid to be humiliated, spoken to in a derogatory manner or laughed at.

So, the next time you leave your house and go ANYWHERE of service – the gas station, a bookstore, a cafe, a clothing store, Burger King, the post office…I mean anywhere…take a friggen moment. Take a moment to recognize that people are hard at work. People are trying to survive. To pay their bills. To live without handouts. There are people in this world who actually enjoy the thought of helping others – even if its in the smallest and most unrecognized sort of ways. Take a moment – between your bitching, your obvious annoyance that you have to stand anywhere near the likes of me and say two words. Just two words that will – for just a moment make me feel like I’m doing this all for a reason.

Just say thank you.

Show a little gratitude and stop trying to make things harder than they have to be. You are the consumer. I get it. You consume my energy every time you choose to act superior. You consume it every time you demand instead of ask. You consume my energy every time you attempt to degrade me. BUT you will NOT and I repeat WILL NOT consume my emotional sanctuary. You will not consume my dignity. You will not consume the foundation that motivates me to get up everyday and work harder than I did yesterday.

I deal with you and the likes of the Leawood Epidemic for my son. To provide. To show that hard work does not go unnoticed. You need the products we sell. But more importantly…you need us.


2 comments on “1.76 – Supply and Demand

  1. Well said!!! This should be printed in every newspaper in the country right now.

    I worked 27 months, part-time, selling clothing and was (initially) shocked at how rude and nasty shoppers can be. They’d speak to us sloooooowly in words of one syllable because we must be stupid and/or uneducated. Not!

    If you haven’t seen my book about working retail, you might enjoy it…http://malledthebook.com/

    • Wow! I really appreciate that. I’m sure the wording would have to be fine tuned but the message should definitely hit the papers. I will definitely check out your work. Do you know if your book is available on ereaders?

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