1.78 – Boycott Bigotry

Lowe’s, along with about 45 other businesses, has pulled it’s advertising from the TLC show All-American Muslim, which focuses on five Muslim-American families in Dearborn, Michigan. Instead of focusing on drunken Jersey Shore adults, Mob Wives, Sports Wives, a family that has like a million children, or pageant families – this show focuses on a specific group of people, spreading awareness on the normalcy and the struggles of a people who are forever stigmatized by the events of 9/11.

Why would Lowe’s pull their advertising? Well, the Florida Family Association, founded by David Caton is on the prowl. Originally affiliated with the American Family Association, Caton continues to lead his herd of religious extremists to push his agenda of spreading bigotry. Known for threatening companies to pull from shows like Degrassi (because they have gay and trans-gender characters), Caton apparently believes that the show, All-American Muslim is

“propaganda clearly designed to counter legitimate and present-day concerns about many Muslims who are advancing Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law.  The show profiles only Muslims that appear to be ordinary folks while excluding many Islamic believers whose agenda poses a clear and present danger to liberties and traditional values that the majority of Americans cherish.”

People who share in the same hatred filled targeting practices as Caton have spread their message to the likes of Hasbro, Kayak.com and now Lowes, threatening these companies until they pull their advertising from shows that don’t fit the AFA and the FFA’s belief system.

I’m disgusted. Here we go again. Yet another extremist group decides to spring forth and project their voice until companies start buckling. What the hell is the problem with their being a show about Muslim families? It’s hysterical to me. Lets not boycott or create email chains and websites against shows that promote promiscuity, alcohol abuse, physical violence, emotional self-mutilation for the sake of a paycheck. This group is yet another set of wack-jobs who decided to band together and threaten action and in turn, the likes of Lowes caves. If you don’t think this group is wrong, with their hate filled views on the LGBT andMuslim community, I’ll switch things up for you.

Tomorrow, NAMBLA – North American Man/Boy Love Association will have the right to boycott “To Catch A Predator,” “Law & Order SVU” and any other association, business or media outlet that does not support pedophilia. Can you imagine going to a store that will not post their advertising on a show anymore because it speaks against pedophilia? Would you support a business that would buckle under the pressure from a group of extremists because they just don’t want to piss off the extremists? And if you think this is a bad comparison, you’re wrong. For every person that agrees with these extremists religious groups, there is someone who agrees that pedophiles are just “children lovers.”

It’s the spreading of hate. Lowes and the other companies that buckled are spreading the message that such assumptions of hate, of extreme views are allowed to blanket our communities.

I watched a clip from Anderson Coopers show, in which he speaks with the cast of All-American Muslim. One audience member asks, “I realize that not all Muslims are the same and there are the extremists but I don’t know, how do you explain them? How do you…I guess try to get someone like me comfortable that…you know, there are good Muslims out there and that I don’t need to be afraid when I step into an airport?”

I’m not going to say this woman is a moron. She’s not. She’s like a lot of people who base their prejudices on fear, on generalizations. Based on this nations history, I’m going to repeat this question and direct it to you, the reader.

I realize that not all white people are the same and there are the extremists but I dont know, how do you explain them? How do you…I guess try to get someone like me comfortable that…you know, there are good white people out there and that I don’t need to be afraid that you’ll…(Insert History Here)

Insert Christians, Catholics, Blacks, Mexicans, men, women, Atheists, Republicans, Democrats, New Yorkers, Kansans, Cops, Postal Workers, etc etc etc etc. Insert who you are into this statement. How the hell do you explain that you are good. How do you defend a majority when people focus on a minority – a small group of people who did something wrong and they just happen to look like you, sound like you, believe like you?

I am Puerto Rican. I am a New Yorker. I am an American. I am a divorcee. I am a mother. I am Agnostic. I am scared. Scared that every time these extremists win a battle, the war of hate continues. And when they gain, inch by inch, ground on their trek to target gays, people of different religious beliefs…I wonder when they will stop. My religious freedom, to believe or not is at risk. My skin color is at risk. My sexuality is at risk. My gender is at risk. My hair color is at risk. My voice is at risk. My son is at risk.

I do not fear all white people for the races consistent affiliation with slavery and genocide. Because the race is not what did the damage. Individuals did the damage. A race CANNOT be an individual. It is a label. Yes, this nation was tragically changed on 9/11. But not every Muslim was on those planes. Not every Muslim supports that cause. Just as not every religious person supports the FFA and AFA.

The tyranny of 9/11 lives in those who allow their fear to become hate. Do not project your fear and target innocent people. Do not support companies and organizations which live with an agenda of hate. While we point the finger at others, thrusting blame for destruction on anyone that is different, the true terrorists live amongst us.

Oh Lowes, you silly bitch.


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