1.82 – I Say Stupid Things…A Lot!

I have this really bad habit of saying really odd things at really bad times. For example:

A gorgeous Australian guy came into my place of work and ordered cheesecake. He said “they don’t have that back home,” which I responded with “they don’t have cheesecake?” Duh. Apparently, they have cheesecake in Australia but not The Cheesecake Factory. So I offer him a fork. He says “oh, I don’t need one.” What do I say?

“You know, in America, we use forks.”


He says, “oh, yes. I was going to take it back to my room.”


“That makes sense. Well, Welcome to America.”

Yes, I am an ass. Cuteness equals me saying stupid things that really don’t have any logic at all. And I wonder why I’m in the spot I’m in. Pretty sure 2012 is going to be a single year.


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