1.87 – Frowns and Smiles

My Facebook Status:

Dear FB: making one of my recommended pages “Jesus”….you’re wayyyy off. But thanks for trying.


‎;( Your opinion tho

My Reply:

I know. Hence why I said my recommended pages…on my facebook.

Here’s the deal. I’ve given religion it’s fifteen minutes on my blog. I’m quite over it, actually. EVERYTHING I write, I write because it’s my inspiration, my feelings, my thoughts. I don’t claim to have anything all figured out.

That being said, I find it hysterical that people on my Facebook, people who know me, see my status updates daily, act like they don’t know where I stand. If you’re on the friends list, you know. Do you have to agree with anything I say – no. But if I’m saying anything that feels wrong to you – do me the favor – hit delete. That’s like someone clicking follow on this blog and expecting me to post recipes. If that’s what you’re looking for, cool, but ya aint gonna find it here.

I have never disrespected anyone and commented on any religious loving post with “;( your opinion though.” But now, I’m tempted. If I did that, the gloves would be off. I’d be 8 million types of messed up. But what the hell is the difference? I accept your faith and proclamations via status updates and yet…mine are up for pinpointing. I’m willing to test this theory and watch the hypocrisy floodgates open.

In the course of writing many of my religion based posts, I have had some great responses – people who agree and disagree with me. Heck, several of my followers on this blog are religious based bloggers. I’ve had enlightening conversations with people who are dedicated to their connection with a higher power and at no point have I felt threatened, awkward or less. They are respectful, they answer my questions, they give me insight. I appreciate them. They do not frown upon me. They share their word with me with gentle hands. I completely respect them and their faith. My disgust comes from people who DO frown upon me, who cast a judgement, who assume they are any closer to a higher power than I am.

If something exists, I’m sure that entity respects my questioning, my desire to clarify. Because I’m never going to be the girl that does something, believes something, follows something without asking why. I don’t need the label of (insert religious denomination here). I may take a different road in trying to understand the whys of life. But isn’t that the beauty of it? The freedom of choice. The one you’re god supposedly gave us all? Well, this is my choice. Yours is to accept the things you cannot change or to move right along.

This is, in no way, an attack. This is for enlightenment. I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time from some amazingly strong religious hearts. I consider those hearts true testaments of love. Of faith. Because it’s not us versus them. Me versus you. We are different. Those differences are beautiful to me. And I look forward to knowing the beauty of different insights as I grow in age.

Frown upon me. That’s quite alright. It’s your opinion tho.


2 comments on “1.87 – Frowns and Smiles

  1. I was just saying in my blog yesterday that I believe in debating. I believe that you have to take something completely apart, argue both sides, try to prove yourself wrong, before you can fully believe you are right. That being said, respect is key. I look to those who believe differently to challenge me to find the truth, as I truly believe it to be! 🙂 It’s amazing the hypocracy one can find on the almighty Fakebook… oops, I meant Facebook.

  2. The thing is, I never claim to be right. I ask questions and I get cop out answers. It’s an extreme example, but for me, debating this stuff with certain people is liking debating the use of crack with a crackhead. They aren’t gonna hear me and I am not gonna hear them. The difference is that a crackhead would say “you don’t want the crack, your loss, kbye,” whereas these people who judge me and frown upon me for having an opinion different than there’s cant accept that we are on different paths. Thy have to make passive aggressive comments, which only makes me discredit their practices even more. I respect peoples faith. Its poor practices I spit at.

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