1.93 – Money, Power, Respect

The rich get richer. The poor get screwed.

It’s no surprise to anyone that Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed their first child into the world recently. Congrats and welcome, Blue Ivy.

That being said – I think it was a dick move to buy out an entire floor of a hospital and infringe on the rights of fellow new parents, several of which had their child in the NICU.

I get it. They don’t want pictures: because those will make them money later. They don’t want anyone stealing their child for some insane ransom. Yes, their are psychos out there.

Solution – Pay the reported 1.3 Million Jay spent on renting the entire floor to transfer all medical equipment and staff to your home and delivery in peace – IN YOUR OWN SPACE!

It’s disgusting how these people came from nothing, and yet, forget so quickly what the simple things mean. To push aside the common person, that has spent money to get you where you are, in order for your extreme level of comfort is sickening, pathetic and annoying as all hell.

Jay is talented. Beyonce is some sort of idol we now worship. And in turn, these people can do as they please. Lets be real. They make music. They aren’t curing diseases. They aren’t stopping child abuse, poverty, homelessness, starvation. They make fucking music. Clothes. Whatever.

Yet another pathetic example of how money means everything in this world. Celebrity is more important than new life. A sad truth.

Money equals power and respect means shit.


4 comments on “1.93 – Money, Power, Respect

  1. Well said…There are alot of things they could have done, like had the kid at a private clinic ect,but this wouldn’t have brought them the same kind of attention as this little show did…
    The problem with these people is that once they achieve a certain level of celebrity they seem to actually believe that they are people who should be truly worshiped and thought of as being more important than everybody else,they suffer from some sort of delusion as to who they are…
    But it also has to be said what was the hospital thinking going along with this?.I tend to think that they just couldn’t resist the temptation of having such “important” people use their hospital…What a sad state of affairs …

  2. Yes, I feel sad when I see the extreme effects of the human condition on display, this end being the so called ‘high’ on the spectrum of our making, the ‘low’ being…well you can imagine anything. But essentially, I am also Beyonce, i am JayZ, I am everyone and everyone is me. I am also divided into selves, the princess, the pauper, the ‘high’, the ‘low’, the ‘beautiful’, the ‘ugly’ and these divisive and conflicting selves are common to all human beings on earth. A man who himself is divided is bound to create a world which is also divided into ‘highs’ and ‘lows’, ‘beautifuls’ and ‘uglies’ …measuring one’s own worth by comparing to others. Yes, the human condition is a sad state of affairs. Nice post. 🙂

  3. I totally missed this little snippet of news! I so AGREE! It would be funny if your blog received enough attention to embarrass them… Of course they’d probably eat up the attention, because as we all know from dealing with toddlers, even negative attention is attention! I can’t imagine why they couldn’t just arrange for a private birth… Yeah, Elvis rented out McDonalds… but those were cheeseburgers… these are real live babies… Maybe they should go back and pay all the bills of the other new parents in the hospital that week… that might would help!

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