1.95 – FTN…Just Because

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a genuine FTN post. I’ve slipped away from the FTN mantra far too much. It seemed like the right thing to do – trying to be all soft and shit, vulnerable, likable. I’m not sure how I feel about the results. In turn, I’m thinking my soft side…laughable…and my FTN mentality have to get hitched so I can be the best of both worlds…for my own world. And now, onto the FTN moments.

  • The above paragraph. That was just stupid. But I’m sharing it anyway. FTN!
  • People who don’t keep their end of a bargain. If I’ve done my part, you might want to do yours before this smiley happy chick takes her smiley happy ass on a smiley happy walk. FTN!
  • People who say, “I have to call you back, the game is on,” when you are both discussing a serious topic. It wasn’t that serious for you, now was it? Remind me to not answer when you decide you have the time to call back. Hope your team loses. FTN!
  • People who make dumb fucking comments when you say something 100% serious. I’m happy that my misery can bring joy to your corrupted little heart. I’m also wishing you a slow and miserable death entailing a corkscrew, your nubby manhood and a very dark alley. FTN!
  • People who tote gay guys around like they are handbags. THEY ARE NOT ACCESSORIES! They are people! What is your major malfunction? FTN!
  • Anti-religious people who go up to religious people and say stupid shit like this: “I’m sorry.” “Why are you sorry?” “Because you love Jesus.” You’re just a complete jackass. I’m so not religious, so anti-organized religion and even I wouldn’t say some dumb shit like that. You are the reason people off faith have a panic attack every time someone of little/no faith walks into a room. I hate your face. FTN!
  • People who put shit like this on their Facebook: “I’m so tired of doing so much for other people and no one does for me.” Um…did you forget all of the money people lent you to help you out and you have yet to pay ANYONE back? Got to love that selective memory. FTN!
  • People who get snippy with me when I have no control over a situation. I’m asked to go left. Don’t be mad that I’m not going right. Be mad at someone else. But you might want to keep that attitude to your damned self. I’m not saying…I”m just saying. FTN!
  • Cable company jerks who keep me on hold for 20 minutes because I want to cancel a service. You think because you put me on hold that long, I’m going to hang up and keep the service? NOPE. I’m going to put you on speaker, wash my dishes, feed my son and pick up just in time to tell you I think your service is crappy. Aint no patience like a single mommy trying to save money, Boo. FTN!
  • Snow. I don’t even need to explain this one. It’s not even here yet but I hate snow the way I hate getting stabbed in the face with an ice pick. Me no likey! FTN!

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