1.100 – One Hundred Kisses

Following my muse has worked out pretty well so far. I can’t see any reason to change the formula now.
Chris Van Allsburg
I have always believed that good conversation was a chess game, good sex was like a dance and everything in this life is a muse. To kiss the muse is to embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly as divine inspiration. To celebrate 100 posts, I happily share with you a list created from the contributions of a very diverse group of people. 100 faces, 100 souls, 100 lives worth living. 100 reasons, 100 muses, 100 kisses. You will never decipher which is the single mom, the accomplished writer, the veteran, the big wig, the straight, the gay, the poor, the rich, the lone wolves. The muse touches all walks of life, with a delicate brush of pure lips to the heart – setting ideas and thoughts aflame. Seedlings growing from nothing into that which forces our world to move.
…There was a hiccup. Only 18 of the almost 125 people I messaged for input responded. I could be discouraged and say…I can’t complete the 100 kisses without help…but it’s the new year and a new mentality – nothing is going to stop me.
Without further ado, 100 kisses.
From me to you.
  1. The first time
  2. A beautiful woman
  3. Volunteering and selfless donations
  4. Music inspires me to be present in a community of sounds all speaking a piece of a whole truth.
  5. Learning from my past and not repeating the same mistakes and always trying my best in any situation.
  6. The fact that I’m a sinner, but was saved by grace. I’m constantly humbled by that fact.
  7. The strength i did not know i had. the struggles have taught me to survive when i didnt think i could and have pushed me to do better for myself. my strength allows me to be strong for myself and for others.
  8. My biggest inspiration and motivator is a fear of death. That once I’m gone nothing will be left of me but my words/ thoughts.
  9. The desire to take that idea in my head that I know will entertain.. and to give birth to it on the page. It’s as natural a desire, to me, as food or sex.
  10. Fear of being a failure. making sure i leave a legacy behind
  11. The only thing that inspires me to do better is my boys. If I couldn’t have a baby I think I would have fallen off the wagon.
  12. I’m inspired by two things, the only things I feel we need: Friends and Family
  13. Life inspires me. There is so much to learn, to experience, to see, to live, and so little time.
  14. the fear of failure, and the possibility of failure. That i wont achieve what i know i can and i will come up short of the person i want to be. I fear failure and what i will never have if i dont achieve.
  15. A warm summer day in the back yard. Drinking a can of Dr. Pepper and thinking about the projects I plan to tackle today.
  16. Someone who is so passionate about what they believe that they will die for it, understands why they believe it, and lives like they are on fire for it. That’s the kind of person I want to be.
  17. The way music can connect people in a way that words and emotions can’t. Ethereal chords that echo through one’s soul filling it with immense peace. Harmonies shared between people that say, “Your heart understands mine.”
  18. When I go to the park and swing I imagine my whole life ok stable an free
  19. Laying on someones chest while they hold me, while listening to their heartbeat. For some reason hearing that makes me forget the bad, at least for that moment. Makes me appreciate the little things more.
  20. Sex
  21. Power
  22. Fame
  23. Money
  24. Italy
  25. Fine Cuisine
  26. Down Home Cooking
  27. Bare feet
  28. A cool spring evening
  29. A rainy afternoon
  30. A snowy day, curled in a blanket
  31. The moon
  32. The sun
  33. The stars
  34. Books
  35. Writers
  36. Painters
  37. Dancers
  38. Musicians
  39. Actors/Actresses
  40. Cinema
  41. Theatre
  42. Falling in love
  43. Breaking up
  44. Tears
  45. Broken glass
  46. Thunder
  47. Lightening
  48. A crack in the pavement
  49. History
  50. Pain
  51. Tragedy
  52. Butterflies
  53. The ocean
  54. The mountains
  55. A field of flowers
  56. Rainbows
  57. Animals
  58. Children
  59. Fire
  60. Life itself
  61. Death…in its entirety
  62. Sunrises
  63. Sunsets
  64. Philosophy
  65. Theology
  66. Silence
  67. A blank journal
  68. Beating drums
  69. Culture
  70. Spirituality
  71. Sexuality
  72. Tomorrow
  73. Laughter
  74. Sunflowers
  75. The number 13
  76. A scream
  77. Crayola Crayons
  78. Yesterday
  79. Bright lights
  80. Sirens
  81. Crashing waves
  82. Crumpled paper
  83. Clean white sheets
  84. The scent of a loved one on an old shirt
  85. A bodily scar
  86. An emotional one
  87. Rose petals
  88. Fireflies
  89. Memories
  90. Waterfalls
  91. A wrapped present
  92. An empty box
  93. Liquid courage
  94. Temptation
  95. A deep sigh
  96. Words unspoken
  97. Dreams
  98. A smile
  99. A frown
  100. The last time…

Cover me in kisses, cover me in inspiration 

one and the same. Here’s to 100 more. 



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