1.112 – My Loves Contract

In order to be myself…I am willing to be by myself

I will not claim perfection but relish in the beauty that is my chaotic mind, heart, and soul.

I will not stifle my words, emotions, thoughts for the sake of fitting in.

I will not tread lightly to fit any gender roles.

I will grow towards the sun.

I will rest beside the moon.

I will not give of myself physically for the sole sake of pleasing another.

I will not fake a smile, a tear, an orgasm, a laugh for the sake of anyone’s ego.

I will not be fooled to believe that every love story is a long story.

I will not settle for a punchline.

I will love with my whole heart when it is deserved.

I will not let everyone behind my walls.

I will not hold anyone captive within the walls.

I will not say what needs to be said just to “play the game.”

I will not treat anyone like a predator.

I will not be anyone’s prey.

I will not pretend to care when I don’t.

I will not pretend to not care when I do.

I will indulge in a kiss like it’s the first time.

I will not waste away my years trying to fill anyone’s voids.

I will not be a walking tomb.

I will never replace/become “her.”

I will allow vulnerability to overshadow my fears.

I will be honest about my insecurities.

I will not let them haunt me.

I will be myself.

I will be alone.

I will be okay.

I will sign on the dotted line.



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