1.116 – Never Grow Up

He will be a mess

playing with his food

pretending it’s a volcano of peas and carrots

He will thrust himself to the floor

because not getting a toy

really IS the end of the world

in his eyes.

He will say no

and mean it

despite your inability

to realize he has

an opinion.

He will yank off his clothes

and profess his undying love

for nudity.

He will ask for the coolest

most expensive clothes/shoes/technology/toys/fill in the blank here

and hate me

when I say no.

He will laugh at inappropriate times

and touch EVERYTHING in sight

because his palms have eyeballs

that only he can see.

He will be the ruler of a far off kingdom no one knows about

the slayer of dragons and a makeup artist

trying on my makeup and shoes without any thought

of orientation and those labels of gender the world

is obsessed with.

He will have an imaginary friend

that knows all of his secrets

his hopes and dreams

that which I will struggle to keep up with

through the years.

He will wiggle and jiggle and roll and tumble

climb and crawl and run and dance

and sing when silence and stillness is in order.

He will color on the walls

and call it art

break the most expensive thing in the house

and blame the dog

we dont have.

He will fib

because he’s scared of diappointment

make up stories

and call it truth.

He will stay up way too late

wake up way too early

take up way too much of the bed

and piss it twenty minutes before the alarm is supposed to go off.

He is accident prone





and all sorts of exhausting.

He is lovable






He is the magnificence of childhood.


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