1.119 – Throwing That Middle Finger In The Air

Warning: This is a rant. I curse a lot. If you can’t deal – keep it moving. 

Oh no, there she goes posting another status update

Oh no, there goes another five pictures of nothing

Oh no, there goes another countdown.

Here’s the thing. Do I bitch every time you’re latest 15 updates are of fucking farmville games and redundant hokey quotes? Do I say one damned word when you post some lengthy spam – pass this shit on because you should be as bored as I am – nonsense? Do I make a peep when you go wah wah wah he doesn’t like me oh wait I’m “in a relationship” every two days?


Do you know why I don’t?

Because your social media outlet is just that – YOURS. And if I don’t want to see it –  I WILL DELETE YOU. So do me the fucking favor – DELETE ME!

I’m sick of fake ass people who send adds because we knew eachother way back when but you don’t have the decency to answer my simply put fucking question. Bitch, I know you saw what I asked. Don’t play stupid. I’m sick of people who try to make me feel silly for counting down to MY WELL EARNED VACATION. The last time I got on a fucking plane, it was to go get my dad cremated. So if you don’t like the fact that this bittersweet vacation is exciting to me and it’s all I want to talk about because all I want is to go home to be closer to my family and a life and culture I love and miss with all of my heart but I can’t because I’m trying to be a good mother so I stay in this shit-box called Kansas so my son has his father – well, I’ve got two words for you. PISS. OFF.

I’m so over people who consider me rude and in the next act consider me too sensitive. Fuck off. I will be a rowdy ass when you cross me. When you come at me wrong. When you try playing with me like I’m just another person to laugh at. Here’s the thing…I am not your punching bag, your punchline, your form of amusement.

If you don’t like how I talk, think, act, walk, dress, etc etc etc etc…KBYE.

I will post 50 pictures of my son in the same damned pose…BECAUSE I CAN.

I will post everything that excites me, scares me, worries me and motivates me…BECAUSE I CAN.

I will not play your game. I will not be who you want me to be. I don’t need your approval. And quite frankly, I DON’T WANT IT.

I’ve said my piece. You want silence. You got it. Be careful what you wish for.


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