1.127 – I’m Too Freaked Out To Make A Title For This One

Everyone has quirks. It’s apart of the human condition. It’s what makes us interesting. Some are minor things, unnoticeable to the common observer. And others can be debilitating. Some are rooted in phobias. Some are just…temporary moments of weirdness.

If I see a dead animal while driving down the road, I have to kiss my hand and touch the ceiling of the vehicle.

Odd numbers on TV or radio volume makes my legs twitch.

My major phobia is of clusters. Bumps on pumpkins, people with boils, galls on trees…these freak my shit. I cant even explain how this drives me beyond nuts but it makes me feel physically sick. As I write about this…I’m seriously getting agitated. I don’t know where this phobia comes from. I mean, I was never attacked by a cluster of anything. No man with a boil ever harmed me. And yet, I start gagging and coughing at the mere thought of it. Someone I know actually told me about a man, known as the tree man, who suffers from some disease which has made his skin resemble that of a tree…with the damned clusters…omg I feel like I want to vomit just thinking about it.

Mind you, I’ve never seen an image of this man. Although I feel like I should because…it would help me conquer my phobia…right?

WRONG! My foot is tingling and I want to run from this computer right now…because I’m scared the image will somehow pop up as my damned screensaver. I’m freaked out right now. Seriously…it’s just not right. It’s…I don’t even know. But I’m going to go do something that makes me not think about bumpy trees.


Sorry about that. Random freak moment. I think I’m over it.

Someone told me that trees have personalities. Apparently, they also have herpes. Okay, I’m gonna go barf now. I promise the next post will make some sort of sense.


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