1.138 – Butterflies Die

Thanks for that lesson but no thanks at all

Keep the goods you’re selling for the next one

The next naive soul captivated by who you proclaim to be

But not exactly who you are

Shouldn’t have said a word

…And spare the trouble

Work on saving


Now it’s time

For me to say goodbye

Wanted to be friends

But even butterflies die.


3 comments on “1.138 – Butterflies Die

  1. i can’t believe i have missed so many of your posts…you have such a beautiful way of writing about suffering, like that one where you just never feel good enough for others, mostly self…i can identify…you are a blessing….thank you for the musings…

    • I really do appreciate this comment. It’s always a struggle to figure out what I should share and even more so…how to share it in the right voice. Some things come from personal experience and some are very general but I enjoy the fact that people can’t always tell the difference.

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