1.148 – Heads Up

Originally, I was going to sit down and type a blog reflecting on all of the chaos that has been unfolding over the past week. BUT…I don’t feel like it. Though I hope to find inspiration, even in the darkest of places, I don’t wish to fill my world furthermore with feelings of continued victimization. What I will do is fight the good fight, continue to grow as a better person and be the best damned mother you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. My son is a beautiful little man and he is my reason for moving forward. Not hate, not resentment, not anger or disappointment. My son is my light and the best thing I can do as a mother is to project that same light out into the world so that my son may see the world from a beautiful perspective.

Everything happens for a reason. This isn’t always fun to live through. But hell if ain’t gonna make me stronger. I will not wait for someone to unlock me from this cage and remove my shackles. I will create the key and soar.


4 comments on “1.148 – Heads Up

    • That is usually my philosophy for this blog but under the circumstances, my personal life and it’s struggles right now will not be reading material for anyone, no matter how inspirational. Perhaps, down the road, in hindsight…I will be able to reflect but for right now, they remain mine. Thank you for the comment and the reading of this chaotic little blog.

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