1.153 – Barren Lands

Lost in the claim of affiliation

A belief with reason or a reason to believe.

Fixated on what we hope could be

What could never occur.

She wants to talk about blue skies but sees only the darkest of clouds

Reigning down in tyranny and loathsome momentum.

Clashing like titans, a mind boggling war

Set upon a land of sovereign nobility.

The kings men pillage the ripest of juices

Negating the fruits of labor.

In dungeons of lore, love and law hindered by corruption

Pouring from pores of porous proportions

And she tore the paper to shreds.

The Queen called forth her most loyal soldiers

Waving her delicate fingers to and fro

Bowing down, the men found no reason to rise

As the blood and bones once solid now liquefy

Because nothing exists here…

Not Kings and Queens

No land and law

No soldiers

And by far no love.


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