1.170 – #WordMongering Or Camp NaNoWriMo Day 2

Time to hit the page.

7:54pm – Haven’t done any writing today. About to do some wordmongering (some term I just learned about via Twitter) on the hour. Watching the end of Beauty and The Beast with my son, on a full belly of home made tacos. Got a desk today from a friend so my computer is no longer sitting on the floor. Yay for that. So…apparently, for the #wordmongering thing – you write from the hour to the half and then record your word count. Anything to help the creativity flow. I’ll update at the half and let you know what I think of the process.

8:37pm – Okay, #wordmongering is epic! Got 1409 words in 30 minutes. Great to hear people cheer you on after a rush. This might just be my way to go. I’m definitely supporting this.

8:58pm – Ready for the next round of wordmongering.

9:31pm – Holy Crap! 1608 words in that #wordmongering session. I’m a believer for sure. If you are doing any sort of writing challenge, do it in this fashion. It’s totally giving me room to just get these ideas out and develop them as I slam the words. Loving it.

9:58pm – I think this might be my last round for the night. Starting to get a headache.

10:32pm – 1272 on my last run. I think I’m done for the night.

Shout out to @JaseR75, @MonicaMarieV, @DanniM86, @GirlWriter, and  @Kymele for being supportive fellow writers, great tweeps and kickass cheerleaders!


5 comments on “1.170 – #WordMongering Or Camp NaNoWriMo Day 2

  1. I’m soooooooper excited that you did so well! There’s something about the little 1/2 hour break that just makes ALLLL the difference in the world! Where you think that you may have a roadblock that respite can get you the solution you didn’t think you had!

    When I was creating the method for Mongering I remember that I was overwhelmed with housework. (My ex-husband thought that my writing was cutting into my cleaning time. Honestly, it was…I couldn’t figure out how to blissfully mix writing & cleaning.) Enter in #wordmongering During the breaks I’d clean rooms of my house & when the break was over I’d go back to Mongering. It seemed almost as if I was writing all the time & my house was magically cleaning itself!

    It’s nice that by bringing #wordmongering to Twitter (@notveryalice ‘s idear!) I was able to help others in my same boat….or at least similar ones! 😀

    Hope to see you #wordmongering in the near future!!

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