1.171 – Nicki VS Flex – Epic Fail

So, I’ve been listening to The Funk Master Flex show on HOT97 online. And this shit is seriously giving me a headache. So I don’t lose you, I’m going to break this down into three parts –

  1. The Back Story
  2. My Background
  3. My Opinion.

The following contains strong language, reader discretion is advised.


Summer Jam is the annual hip-hop fest held in East Rutherford, New Jersey and sponsored by New York based radio station Hot 97FM.” There were a whole list of people who were scheduled to perform and they probably did perform. But no one really gives a fuck. Apparently, DJ Peter Rosenberg made the comment:

“I know there’s some chicks here waiting to sing ‘Starships’ later, I’m not talking to y’all right now. F— that b–h–. I’m here to talk about real hip-hop s–”.

Based on that comment, Lil Wayne made the call, which he posted on his Twitter “Young Money ain’t doing summer jam.” What followed was a complete pull out by the Young Money crew, including the headliner for Summer Jam: Nicki Minaj. From that pull out has come a complete ejaculation of stupidity. Period.


I’m going to quote someone who is no longer apart of my family. I am the “whitest Puerto Rican ever.” I can probably name more indie, alternative, industrial, rock, new wave artists than I can name rap/hip hop artists combined. Apparently, race and how hard you are tends to be measured by how you dress and the music you listen to. That being said, I’m not going to claim unlimited knowledge on the hip-hop game and the beefs and the trends and what’s hot and what’s old news. I don’t know the language, the style, the swag and I quite frankly don’t feel like I’m missing a damned thing. I appreciate music. Sometimes, I want to hear angry music and sometimes I want to thrash my hair to some pop shit while I apply my lip gloss before a ladies night out. My race doesn’t define what I listen to and what I listen to doesn’t define my race. The same can be said for my anatomy. I listen to some music that would make some boys cry like a bitch. Music is art and art just is. I believe that. From the stuff I don’t care for to my favorite life changing tunes. Art is art.


This interview and the entire situation is a fucking joke. It’s well over thirty minutes of Nicki Minaj and Funk Master Flex yelling over each other. I don’t know how many times Minaj says “Respect,” and how many times Flex asks questions that run this shit in circles. I want to be very clear that I have always liked Flex and I do appreciate some of Nicki’s music.  She’s the black Lady Gaga. Lets be real. She’s selling records by giving people a show. Her whole game is acting. I’m not saying she can’t rap. I’m not one to judge who’s good at the game. But she’s catchy. She knows how to sell the image and that crazy Roman thing she does with her voice and then flips to the high pitched Barbie Doll thing that drives me fucking nuts. This is not about whether I think she has skills or not. Tonight, she made a few comments that were just really fucking stupid.

  1. “This is about RESPECT.” She even goes so far as to quote Aretha Franklin. “R.E.S.P.E.C.T. find out what it means to me.” Clearly, by you listing how much all of your records have made – respect means money. And that is a sad fucking existence. Only in the rap/hip-hop world do you hear people talking about their wallets. These people find validation in their lives by how much money they make. I don’t call that respect worthy at all. Being a millionaire doesn’t make me have an inkling of  respect for you. Feed the poor. Send some underprivileged kids to college. Donate money to find a cure for kids dying of Cancer, Alpers Disease, Glioblastoma Multiforme, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Syndrome, Zellweger Syndrome. Do more with your money and influence than bragging about getting wasted on your Twitter account “200 deep.”
  2. Lets make it a race thing. Nicki replies to one of her followers:“Not blak but on blak radio dissin blak women > RT @***_***** Radio personality with NO personality… fuck nigga!!! & u ain’t even black… I find it hysterical how people demand respect and then fling out racial slurs, which are condoned because black people can say that word. Does it matter if the guy that said that stuff is on “black radio” and he’s not black? Do these people even know what the fuck they are saying? Look up the word. And when the fuck did being black get you a get out of jail free card from being called out for anything BECAUSE you’re black. Listen to the music you support, the movies you watch, the media you allow to thrive…the most hate/dissing/beefs/catty moronic arguments  for your race comes from within your race. Misguided and uneducated as it may be…referring to women as bitches and hoes and anything with a dick as a “nigga” or “nigger” is not exactly spreading the fucking love here people. Asinine. Just asinine. Why not use your influence to stop allowing things to be held under the barriers of gender, race, and orientation. Why not use that fucking power to teach people a new vocabulary. Or to show your talent without falling back on the sex/race cards.
  3. Flex asked Nicki if she was “scared,” of Summer Jam to which she responded with a long egotistical tirade of how she has performed all over the world. Dear Nicki: the people who wanted to see you in NYC don’t give a flying fuck if you’ve performed in the biggest, baddest fucking stadiums and arenas around the world. They care that you took the time to perform for them and treated them with the dignity and RESPECT they deserve. To be treated like a worthy audience.
  4. Nicki is non-stop on the “I am woman, hear me roar” thing. But lets be honest. Just for a second. You can say you’re a boss. You can say that you are all about the woman. At the end of the day, you let a mans words stop your art. You let a man dictate what you did because of the RESPECT you have for him. Your fans, the ones that put that money you respect so much into your wallet, are the ones you should respect to the highest degree.
  5. And lastly, oh Nicki, you made the mistake of bringing up the gays. Lil Wayne taught you something about self-worth and somehow that equates to spreading the message of when to say “enough is enough” to women everywhere. To the gays. Refusing to go on a stage because a DJ dissed you DOES NOT in ANY WAY give women and the gays hope. No gay man or woman suddenly felt empowered because you didn’t get on stage to make some sort of half-ass point. No woman being beaten by her husband, being paid less than her male counterparts, being sexually harassed, suddenly said “oh shit, Nicki walked? I’m not taking this shit.” Reality check, please. You didn’t change lives by not performing at Summer Jam. I’m just saying.

A boss, a woman of artistic integrity, passion, and conviction would have gotten on that stage and blown some shit up. Before this interview, I was seriously thinking…”there is no way an artist should have to perform their art with such mockery.” Well, I’ve changed my mind. Was the decision right? I don’t know. I frankly don’t care, either way. The explanation, however, was a smelly, horribly boring crock of shit.


One comment on “1.171 – Nicki VS Flex – Epic Fail

  1. This might earn me some haters, but I have got to say I hate that song where she says “you ain’t my son you my mutha fuckin step-son!” WTF? What does that even mean? I’m like the idea of rap music, but I like it when there’s a story to tell or a message to send out or even a party vibe. That means NOTHING. It’s the most stupid lyric I think I’ve ever heard. So glad that song is no longer the one being over played constantly!!!!!! Excellent post, too bad it hasn’t gone viral, it should!

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