1.172 – Just A Day At The Pool

Today was definitely an interesting, fun, eventful day. Through the transition of jobs and recent events with my car…I haven’t really had a day to just relax. On my sisters orders, she’s a smart cookie, I decided I would spend my day at the pool and read. So I grabbed a book from Barnes and Noble and headed to the pool. I spent about two hours alternating between reading and doing laps, getting sun and returning to reading. It was pretty badass, relaxing and everything I needed.

My friend Alycia came to the pool after she got off of work and did some swimming with me. A group of ladies, women I regualrly see at the pool, invited us over to enjoy an “iced tea” with them. It wasn’t iced tea…it was beer and it was delicious. Some guy named Jeremy invited himself over and we all had one big gang of a party. One of the ladies happened to be a born New Yorker, which sent us both into nostalgic “OMG I LOVE NEW YORK” mode. Everything is chill at this point and I’m really enjoying my day. My friend headed home and I continued to enjoy the conversation.

And then Jeremy got a little silly with his beer. He offered beer to a minor, which I put a stop to very quickly. He apologized and then proceeded to play random music on his phone. He excused himself to go to his car to get more beer, asking me to watch his phone. BIG MISTAKE. I added kotex, tampons, magnums, pee-wees and pantyhose to his phone grocery list. He returned to have a few more minor slips, which I didn’t think too much on.

Until he pulled his chair way too damned lose to mine and started getting a little sassy. I pulled my chair back…because you aren’t allowed in my bubble unless I send you a formal invite. He then got way too close to the minor who was waiting for her mother. I asked him to move away from her since she was showing clear signs of discomfort. This sent him on a sassy ass tirade in which he questioned me once he took his seat. No you may not violate my space or that of a minor. You cannot and will not point your hand in anyones face and if you ask me “why” one more time…you will find out just how fucking rowdy I can get. So he got loud and started calling me “woman.” Thats when I stood up. You’re drunk, I’m not and I will hurt you if you come out of your face at me – I don’t care how much you have or haven’t drank. So he was escorted out of the pool.


We all decide to leave the pool around 8pm. One of the women who was at the pool has two kids who are deaf. Her hearing child and her deaf son and I were getting along and they were teaching me sign. So we decided to walk around the complex and point things out to learn. That’s when things got funny. There was a woman at the pool earlier who is a schizophrenic. She usually keeps to herself, which is great. I was walking with the two kids, learning sign language and this girl walked up on me. Like…two inches from my face. She asked me my name and told me her name was something other than what I knew it to be. She asked me if I was at the pool today and if I would be at the pool tomorrow. She asked me if she could have my phone number so we could hang out some time.


She was very smiley, which makes me more nervous than if she was just neutral. I worked at a mental healthcare facility for 4 years. I’ve seen schizophrenia at its best and worst. She was having an episode. The shaking, the change of name, the tilting of the head, the eerie smiles, the responses that seem just a little too perfect…yep, it was there. Her face was covered in mounds of acne. Her pimples had pimples and they themselves had pimples. It’s from the medicine. But it’s very hard to look at. Did I ever mention bumpies SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ME!

So, the kids and I start walking away and the girl literally vanishes. One of the kids comments on how weird that was and I advise that we keep moving. We’re on the other side of the apartment complex and everything is great until she sneaks up on us again. This time, she is asking for help with her key. She cant open her door. I tell the kids to wait and task her to show me which door wont open. If I help her, maybe she’ll go home is what I reasoned. She waits until I easily open the first door to tell me it’s her apartment door that won’t open. FUCK. The hallway is pitch black. I’m getting kinda nervous. I’ve gotten my ass kicked by someone with schizophrenia before and I survived and that person was double this girls size so I’m thinking, I can make it if she flips. So I walk up and tell her to stand in front of me and I open the door. I step back and retreat to the stairs. As soon as I hit the first stair, she asked me if she could have my phone number again. Before I could respond, she said “hold on, I’ll get you a pen,” and walked into her apartment. That’s when I booked it. I ran out of the building where the kids were waiting for me and I told them to fucking move it. Seriously, I’m not joking, just move. We waited in my hall for a few minutes before going around two buildings, past the pool, through some woods and to their apartment building. All I’m thinking at this point is DON’T LOOK BACK.

We get to the kids house and I tell their mom the situation. If you can’t understand what would drive me to tell these kids to move it…all I can say is…you’ve got to see an episode like that unfolding to understand. The shaking and twitching, the instant attachment, the calculated move to get me to where she could take my information…it was too much and so I let instinct run me on this one. And I’m glad.

We ate Gates BBQ and enjoyed some relaxing conversation. I spoke to my son and am now sitting at home, getting ready for bed. I met some cool people today, learned sign language and enjoyed the poetry of the fluid motions one who is deaf knows so well and I came face to face with someone who is really sick. I enjoyed my day at the pool, I am glad I met the adults and the children I met today, I’m glad I learned something I didn’t know yesterday and I’m grateful for instinct. I hope that young lady takes her medicine and stabilizes herself so people can be around her and feel secure. I am grateful I got to hear my sons voice and look forward to having him return to me tomorrow evening. And now, I’m off to bed. So yeah, that was my day…at the pool.

Splish Splash


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