1.174 – Crying For The Bus Monitor

Poor Karen Klein. A 68 year old bus monitor sits in tears while a group of complete assholes harass her while she rides the bus with them. The video is up on youtube and is ten minutes of pure verbal abuse. These kids call her “fat ass” a countless number of times. They talk about stabbing her, shitting on her, telling her that her family should kill themselves. It is absolutely, positively disturbing.

Who the fuck made this okay? When the fuck did it become alright to abuse people with such malice, with such joy and glee? These kids…no…these little spawns of Satan are laughing as they flick at this woman and call her name after name. They enjoyed the pain they inflicted. I want to cry for Karen Klein but even more so…I want to beat the ever living piss out of these sad excuses of human beings.

These punks act like they are untouchable and verbally spew out hate to such an appalling degree…I would be sickened to see their sorry ass parents. My hands are shaking, I’m that perturbed by this.

My son is only 2 years old. I know that this bullying epidemic is only going to get worse through the years. I don’t know what war I will have to fight in the future but I know that teaching my son to respect people, to never judge people and to behave in a manner he can always be proud of starts now. It is my job to raise my son to be different. The good kind of different. To defend those that cannot defend themselves. To stand against bullying and hate with conviction.

I hope Karen Klein knows, in her heart, that those children and their words do not have a leg to stand on when they said those horrible things. I hope she knows that she is a good person, and despite the pain she felt…she did the right thing by not acting out toward those punks. They will suffer for their actions. They will suffer for their hate.

People are angry by this. As they should be.

Ms. Klein – thank you for the lesson. “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Truer words have never been said. I know, in my anger, I cannot write soft spoken pleas and prayers for those kids. I cannot shrug it off or assume it’s all going to be okay. I don’t wish harm on those kids. I wish for justice. I wish they would learn a lesson before something drastic happens to make them realize.

It seems like the only time things turn around in these bullying cases is when someone does end their own life and people suddenly feel guilt for their involvement. But it’s not even guilt. Because having that feeling ONLY when you get into trouble is not guilt. It’s regret. That you got caught.

I don’t know if those kids are too far gone in their ignorance and hate to be fixed. I don’t know what their lives are like. I know the media isn’t helping the cause. Have we created these monsters? Is there a cure?

Yes. And sadly, I don’t think so.


4 comments on “1.174 – Crying For The Bus Monitor

  1. I’d like to not get into a fight, physically or verbal so I will just make my opinion stated and that’s all. It’s just my opinion, anywho:: here’s a little rebutt I did on another site as the person kinda made me wonder about their ability to reason anyways, so here’s my rant on the bus subject….

    “”””wasp says, “”””the most disgusting and vial video I have ever witnessed. Not only should the children be expelled from school, but the the parents be held accontable as well. If I found out my child had been apart of that assult on the woman they would never see the light of day. Unfortunately they will probably get a pass and gorw up to be vile and disgusting adults.”””””””””””

    That this is the most disgusting and vial(actually it’s vile) video they have ever witnessed!

    Hmmmm, that’s odd to me, as I’ve seen videos of such graphic proportion on the web and television, etc, that makes this look like a woman sitting on her butt and not monitoring the kids with any attempt at discipline.

    She’s supposed to be a monitor, making sure they do not become unruly without an adult present and being in a teen congested vehicle rolling down the road.

    She does nothing at all but sit there and try to wait it all out until they are off the bus and I’d imagine in my imagination that she’s hoping the next day they will be hungover, preoccupied, etc and be somewhat more congenial and not so focused on her like they are as they bully her.,

    What I see in the video is a woman being treated the way kids treat other kids who they bully.

    She’s not asserting any sort of authority and so it goes on, she hides in the bus and doesn’t have to do anything relative to make sure the kids are under the yoke. What would she do if anything even began to go awry with these kids? She’s not fit or able enough to do much of anything.

    And to wasp who says, the parents should be held accountable, you said “if you found out your child had been a part of that assault on the woman they would never see the light of day”””” and then you go on to make some future speculation about a pass…(Never see the light of day again? Does this mean you would lock them in chains in a dark and gloomy dungeon? Worse?)

    Let me ask you wasp, wouldn’t it be better to wait until we see how the parents handle this before rushing to judgement upon them? One last question wasp, if you were part of the board of school supers at this school, etc, and you found out this woman was a monitor and this is how she did her job, without reporting the incident which is her job, would you want to keep her?

    Could she be, assumed to be, able to even do her job, given her health condition, etc? I mean I know about discrimination but the military won’t take her, nor the police academy, she’s sorta like a mall cop I know, but would they take her even at the mall as security?

    Anyways, people, logically and within the reason of sanity, why is she in a position of such authority as to police these teens who are obviously of a culture that’s violent and dangerous?!?

    PS::: these kids act like kids who bully others in any mall or setting where there is a lack of discipline and authority being asserted by an adult or adults in charge, I’ve lived all over, and I mean ALL OVER THE PLACE, and i’ve seen kids act like this, over and over and over and over and over, they are a product of youth and culture etiquette,

    • Thank you for commenting, though we share different opinions. What I will say is this – if you’re going to comment, feel free to address the topic at hand in the arena in which it was written I.E my blog. I have no idea who “wasp” is and the quotes are irrelevant to what I chose to share since that was not my verbage. Feel free to share your opinion but take the time to comment according rather than copying and pasting one response and generalizing everyone who has an opposing opinion. Thank you kindly.

  2. The problem is too often the children who bully are not held accountable neither are their parents. my daughter was bullied at school age 7 by a group of boys the ring leaders mum was a dinner lady. my daughter came home from school one day with a bite mark on her arm when I asked if she reported it she said when she told a dinnerlady the boys mum told them all she had seen her bite her own arm to get a boy in trouble. As you can imagine I was not impressed and charged up to the school next morning where the head repeated the dinner ladies allegations. i demanded my daughter be brought into the office and the head look at the mark which he did. then I asked him to explain how she did it herself. he looked at me like I was stupid so I pointed it out to him what a perfect bite mark it was he agreed a lovely nice perfect bite pattern..then I asked him to look at my daughters teeth..especially the overlapping front teeth for which she was having a brace made! there was no way my daughter could have bitten herself to leave those marks his response the dinner lady must have been mistaken..not that she was covering for her little bully son and his friends. Strangely though the bullying did stop soon after I wonder why….while parents can of course only be responsible for their childs actions to an extent they are responsible for doing their best to ensure their child is brought up to be a decent human being and if their child goes off the rails they need to not only be able to look in a mirror and say I did my best but to accept their child should face consquences for their actions sadly too many are not willing to do this

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