1.191 – Here’s A Theory

People are so dependent on social media outlets; Facebook and Twitter, that they have truly forgotten what it means to keep bonds strong. What were people doing before Facebook became the sole proclamation of relationships? Did anyone ever pick up a phone, write a letter, send a card, make an in-person visit? I’m beginning to think such a time is just fantasy. A distant memory that might just be a fabrication.

I’ve recently made the decision to clean my friends list. After deleting fifty people I barely knew, barely spoke to in person…I realized my list could still be cut in half. If not more.

There are only four reason you add and keep someone on your friends list:

  1. You love, like, genuinely care about their life and happiness.
  2. Business.
  3. You want to keep tabs on someone.
  4. You want an audience to broadcast your “greatness” to.

Out of the 200 people left on my list, I’d be sad if I lost touch with 22 of them. I don’t do business with anyone. I’m certain at least 5 people remain friends with me to keep tabs and I don’t need an audience to the greatness of my life. The sole greatness of my world is my son and the people who love him keep strong bonds with him 100% outside of social media since my son is too young to acknowledge or appreciate the internet.

We’re in a world where superficial friendships are accepted, even encouraged. I was caught up in that ideology. Bigger is better, more has meaning. It doesn’t.  I’m on the path of quality over quantity and I’m uninterested in popularity.

I want sincerity. 

22. What’s your number?


6 comments on “1.191 – Here’s A Theory

  1. I agree and disagree, I think it has made us somewhat lazier when it comes to actually picking up the phone or writing a letter the plus side is that sometimes it allows you to actually make great new friends across the globe I know I have at least a twenty people who I may never meet in person but have been more supportive in some cases than those closest to me and with whom I have so much shared experiences, I guess like evrything you get out of it what you put in but it is still nice to get a letter through the door which isn’t a bill

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  3. I love writing actual letters. Unfortunately, no one ever responds with a returned letter. They’re too busy.
    Me – I deleted my Facebook about a week ago – woohoo!!! I don’t like all the superficial crap. And that’s all it was reminding me of.

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