2.3 – Consider This…

At work today, it was brought to my attention that one of our spot freezers was not working. After informing my manager, I was instructed to dispose of all of the food within the freezer.

I truly felt sick.

I can’t even explain how many pounds of food I threw into a green dumpster. Whole ducks, oatmeal, chicken and steak, ravioli and even donuts. A shopping cart overflowing with food. Food that could have fed homeless people, zoo animals, contributed to compost heaps. Anything instead of being thrown into a dumpster for the flies.

And I’m asking myself what the hell are we doing? Why do we not have someone to call? “Hey, our freezer just broke and we have an immense amount of food…can you come and pick it up and do something with it…anything?”

According to StopHunger, at the time of this publication – 29,400 people died of hunger today. 29,400 PEOPLE.DIED.OF.HUNGER.TODAY.

Throwing that food away today made me feel like I am apart of the problem. Because I am. Because I’m not doing anything to change the situation. I can sit here and write a post about the situation or I can do something to change it.

Let’s get started.


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