2.18. For The New Year

Dear 2013,

Your predecessor sucked. I have high hopes for you and the possibilities you may bring.

  1. Finalize this divorce. 
  2. Move into a larger space so Hunter has his own room.
  4. Visit NYC with Hunter
  5. Get a better paying job.
  6. Take (at least) one college course.
  7. Start working out on the reg.
  8. Take a cooking/dancing/something class with my bestie
  9. Start a savings account solely for Hunter
  11. Kiss the muse aka submit my writing for critique/publication
  12. Give Hunter everything he deserves.
  13. Be happy.

Sincerely yours,



One comment on “2.18. For The New Year

  1. I was thinking of blogging and of my failed attempt to do it on the regular as I remembered my goals for the new year. As I read yours I only wanted to interject on the “Buy Hunter a dog” part. Whenever you do take this step consider adoption instead. So many dogs wind up in shelters. Why pay hundreds of dollars for a dog when there are so many already in need of homes. I adopted my Hamilton and I swear he’s the coolest dog on the planet 🙂

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