2.19. What NOT To Say

The world of dating can be many things: intense, problematic, interesting, frustrating, exciting. It can also be humorous. Very, very humorous. One percent of the time, I’m shocked by the audacity of people and their one liners, egos, and use of poor grammar. The other ninety nine percent of the time…I’m laughing. It’s just that ridiculous. Without further ado, I present to you what NOT to say.

U iz gorgeous babe Love the use of “iz” in this one. 

U a model This one is SUPER original. 

…btw, i’m good in bed…  – I can’t make this shit up. 

But the most impressive of all has to be this one, left just as is for your laughing pleasure. 

u TRUELY are gorgeous.. jm going to ger straight to the point… im from Kansas City, but im in the military livinv in Ga. im getting ready to deploy to afghanistan in 5 weeks.. im only lookin for a wife potiential. u dont due friends though if the person is honestly going to live up to the true meaning of a friend… id accept.. but i want a wife…

He wants a wife…who knows how to spell since he is obviously incapable of doing so. And he’s going to Afghanistan…no wonder other countries think Americans are absolute morons. Please, dear sir, if you ever happen to read this and recognize your own words…don’t procreate. Seriously…don’t.


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