2.30. Dear Retailers

In light of the current snow storm, which has smacked Kansas/Missouri and surrounding areas in the face, I am appalled at the diligent pursuit of money over safety. Scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and Twitter, I was taken aback to see that so many people and their spouses were required to go to work today.

Now, let’s me mindful that some people are hard at work no matter what the weather; the doctors that will care for the ill, the police who are pulling people from their crashed vehicles, road workers attempting to restore the city to a better condition…people who work hard to save lives.

But retail workers?

There is a freakin’ state of emergency put out right now! Two years ago, I-70 was closed and up until an hour ago, no one thought that would come to pass during this storm. Well, both I-35 and I-70 have been shut down. Government offices have been closed due to the severity of the weather.

And yet…Macy’s is open. Target is open.

…Wait for it…

What planet are these people on? To subject employees to dangerous conditions in order to make a buck is appalling! These multi-million dollar companies ride on the backs of workers whose lives are not even remotely considered at the beginning of the work day.

It’s not like this storm came out of nowhere. We knew about this. We had time to prepare. Hell, my own store manager called me two days ago and asked me to work yesterday JUST SO I wouldn’t have to subject myself to the road conditions for my shift today. THAT’S a company worth working for. The other company I work for will send it’s employees home WITH pay despite not finishing their shifts. THAT’S a company worth working for.

No place of employment is perfect, I will admit, BUT any place that is willing to subject their staff to risk their well being is disgraceful. Shame on you!

My heart goes out to the people who genuinely felt like they had to go out in these conditions for fear of being reprimanded. Retail is not an easy job, though there are many who don’t have a lick of respect for the mistreatment undergone for the sake of selling…in the simplest terms…materialistic shit.

It’s stuff. Just stuff. Stuff that won’t matter in a week, a month, a year. Stuff that can and will be replaced once a new trend hits, a new design is made, a new product is introduced. What CANNOT be replaced is the life of a human being. A human being who just wants to support him/herself. His/her family.

For anyone who reads this, whether you are directly in the midst of this storm – please comment with your company name and whether or not they are/have been open or closed in severe weather/state of emergency status/other extreme conditions. People should know what mentality they are supporting when they drop a dollar.

Personally, I would like to know where I will and won’t shop. Needing a new sweater or a bag of chips is not as important to me as knowing my friends and family are safe.

What about you?


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