2.40. Random Guy Message 247

I actually wanted to help this one. 

Guy: Im not that fly but i think u are absolutely gorgeous n i think ur boy is adorable n i think that u are a strong woman n shouldnt have any prob finding your match that is if most men ever grow up n stop giving us average looking yet very loyal n respectable men bad names. So how are u n did i mention u are beautiful? Lol yea i know i did just thought it might get me a brownie point to be honest

Me: I’m gonna give you some advice, because you seem nice…when you message a girl, don’t come off so self-deprecating. Be positive about yourself and the girl that is meant for you will appreciate you without the “warning” of you being “average.”

Guy: Lol hun im just honest n i dont depreciate myself cuz i know wat i am n who i am im a realist n im very confident in wat i have to offer im just up front i dont puf on a front or spit game i belive in being true to myself as i am with others . Im just stating a fact but in other areas of my life i strive far above the how u say hmmmmmm Mcsteamy type of guys n im letting the woman know if thats what ur lookin for sorry not me. Im average looking n im damn proud of it but im guaranteed to be the sweetest, most honest n loyal down to earth guy ud ever meet so wen i wat u say put myself down in looks i make up for by knowing im exactly wat all these fake n shallow chicks claime to want they just dont get a model type outa me to get it, so if ur interested dear id love to chat with u n see where it leads

Me: I think you missed my point. It is self-deprecating when you start off a hello with “I’m not that fly.” That screams lack of self confidence and no one wants that in a potential partner. To say a girl is shallow because she isn’t attracted to you is a false judgement. Everyone has their type and the girl that is meant for you will look at you and believe, in her heart of hearts, that you are her “McSteamy.” But when you set yourself up that way, you’re basically telling a complete stranger, “I think you are out of my league and I’m not attractive to myself but I have a good heart.” If an extremely obese, I mean sloppy hardcore obese woman sent you a message and said what you said to me but pointed out that she had a good heart…would you jump to know her? I mean, you have to be realistic with that. People have types, no fault in that, but you are advertising yourself here and sorry to say, but doing it poorly.

I hope you take this in the way I mean it because if I wanted to be a douche, I just wouldn’t have answered you but I did because I would hope that a potentially nice guy doesn’t self-sabotage himself continuously in the future. Good luck.



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