3.14. Countdown

Just a few more hours until NaNoWriMo begins. I will admit, I am a touch stressed. Life has not been kind lately and I have so much on such a small plate. Yet, I tell myself that it is important to my spirit to forge forward and continue to engulf myself in my writing as I have in the past when things are going much better. I am nervous I will not complete this, I will be sidetracked by having so much going on in life, by complete fear of this project being a waste of time. I’ll do it, nonetheless, because I have to.


One comment on “3.14. Countdown

  1. Wow!!! Hats off to your dedication. Go, do it. Inspire others. I’ve been reading about this NaNoWriMo thing from your blog for a while, but didn’t know what it is exactly. Checked it out today. Sounds exciting. However, I may not be able to take up this challenge.

    Maybe next year, or I’ll try WattPad.

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