About Skylah

This blog is a window into the thought process of yours truly. From rants to raves, the basics of life, moments of clarity and the struggle to hit that mark of personal excellence – this is my journey.

This is where I’m supposed to tell you all of my credentials and why my voice should matter to you.Frankly, I don’t have any. I’ve just lived and written along the way.  This is an honest look at just one artists point of view. Whether I succeed or fail…the road is ours to share.

Taking experiences from my every day life and tackling those random thoughts to put down on paper can be a task in itself but it is something I couldn’t live without doing. In addressing issues, I tend to lean toward a general voice. Nothing I’ve gone through is new. Someones walked the path before me. This is more about relating than teaching.

It is my desire to show you who I am through my work. Even more so, to reveal some part of you that may have once lay dormant.



18 comments on “About Skylah

    • My biggest fear would have to be failing my son. Before I had him, I would have said rejection. In my dreams and my life. But in order for me not to fail him…i have to conquer that original fear.

      • Beautiful. I hope you’re doing great. Personally, I know what it’s like to try and break away from fear.
        Your son will be proud.

  1. I contacted you on your gmail…why cause you’re worth saying hello too!
    And because I’m possibly headed east…I really like your perspectives

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