F*** That Noise was a mantra I created and followed for many years before giving it that specific label. During one of my many creative adventures, exploring an RPG world, I discovered there were more things to drop the F bomb for than not. I started a blog under my characters name and wrote for quite some time. I enjoyed the voice of the character. She was blunt, to say the least. The blog covered everything from idiotic questions, poorly chosen attire, newbie hate letters, and personal blasts when someone crossed a line. Yes, the RPG world is a dramatic one. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the fuel the characters and the people behind them gave me. It was definitely a place of inspiration. And in a lot of ways, I found my voice in the process.

But as all good things are created, they also run their course. Writing the blog about a cartoon world imposed limits I was not willing to deal with. So, I kept the mantra but left the world and the blog behind. Applying FTN to the real world – everyday life, can sometimes be a little more tricky. But, as in the RPG world, the real world has lots of noise that should be muted. Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical NOISE. When it becomes too much – say FTN and silence stupidity.


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