1.187 – Evils Voice

He berated her; calling her names for all the world to hear, mocking her in the presence of strangers. She didn’t say a word. She avoided all eye contact and just held the money in her hands while the cashier waited for some form of tender. The cart was full and she didn’t have enough money. And he humiliated her for it. He took out all of the things she had wanted and asked them to be removed from the final bill. He insulted her with each item he removed from the cart.

The transaction was over. And he continued. Vocalizing her inability to get a job. Blaming her for the job he was forced to take to provide for the household. He told her just how dumb she really was. Every time he walked by her, he leaned into her ear and mocked her a little bit more.

Their son sat five feet away.

This is not my story. This is the story of an unheard voice. One that has not had the courage to say “no more,” to the abuse. Purposefully demeaning someone for the sheer gratification of establishing control is sickening, repulsive, and pure evil.

I hope that girl finds her voice. I hope that man loses his. I hope that child learns that his father is an example of what NOT to be.

We have all heard the voice of evil. We have all been the voice of evil. If not our children, what is worth making the change?

I hope that woman figures it out. I know I have.


1.183 – 916 Days

We haven’t known each other long, in the scheme of things, and yet…you’ve changed me. Given me a new perspective on things…allowed me to grow into the person I want to be. You don’t judge me, you don’t ignore me, you don’t attempt to change me. Instead, you inspire me. You give me hope in the future. You point me in the right direction when I question what to do. You give me courage to fight the good fight, despite the odds. You make me laugh to no end. You bring tears to my eyes when you bless me with your presence.

I owe you the world. I owe you my life. I owe you one hundred percent of my attention. I owe you my strength, my time, my support.

I am lucky to know you. I am lucky to have met you. I am lucky to hear your voice every day and to see you smile.

916 days since I fell in love. 21,984 hours since I woke up. 1,319,040 minutes since I came to life. Every single moment has changed me. For the better.

I love you Hunter. My son. My love. My life.