1.111 – Did You See Her?

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Did you hear her tears as she wept Did you see her? Did you feel the pain in her heart Did you know her? This is general and this is specific. This is for every man and for no man at … Continue reading

1.107 – Lust & Love

“I can be smart. I can be pretty. I’m not good at being both.”

I say the above quote quite a bit. I’m not one to define what pretty is. But what I can define is the two types of pretty. Yes, there are only two types. It’s that simple. Or perhaps…that complex.

Pretty Lust versus Pretty Love.

Pretty Lust is that girl. The one you admire for all of her physical glory. Pretty lips, hips, tits. A flirtatious giggle, a glowing smile, a confidence in her step. She’s the girl all of the guys want to touch, to taste, to see when the sun sets, to know on a physical level. She is worth a few dinners, some surface chat and clean sheets.

Pretty Love is the other girl. The one you admire for her mind and spirit. A complex intellectual, a twist of humor in her words, a vocabulary worth hearing, a heart worth knowing. She’s the girl just a few guys want to hold, to hear, to see when the sun rises, to know on an existential level. She is worth many tears, restless nights, anticipation and an aching heart.

She is the girl I hope to be. Someday.